Thursday, September 30, 2010

Faux Polaroid

Flipping through my new issue of Sommerset Apprentice, I found this super easy technique, by Vanessa Spencer, to make a faux Polaroid print in less than 5 minutes! took me longer to gather up all my supplies than it did to actually do the project. 

1. Print a color image of a photo you've taken with your inkjet printer on regular paper.
2. Using a foam brush dipped in water, wash over the front side of the photo.  It seemed to take a good amount of water to get the effect of the ink showing through to the back side.
3. Flip the paper over and dry with a heat tool. I had my trusty brown paper bag "craft sheet" underneath in case any ink would bleed off onto my counter or you could use paper towels.
4. Hang to dry completely or I used an old iron to smooth the paper back down from being a little crinkled from the heat tool.
5. Mount in your art journal, collages, or other altered art pieces:)

The finished product will be the reverse image of your original:) 

The watered down original is pretty cool, too!


elizabeth said...

That is cool! It kind of makes me wish I had a printer. I might have to visit the UPS store and print a few photos out.

Kathryn Hansen said...

oh...i will definitely have to try that, it's such an interesting effect!!