Monday, January 30, 2012

2012... Here we start again!

Another year just flew by, and I find myself trying to renew my enthusiasm for my blog. LOL  I am doing a couple photography projects this year. Film 26 shoots a photo inspired by a letter of the alphabet every two weeks - FILM ONLY! I'm breaking out the vintage cameras....the Polaroid 250 Land Camera for this one:) 

A is for Angel

The other is Project 12 sponsored by MCP Actions.  A photo a month based on a photo prompt from the MCP blog:)  January's photo is about *Resolution*.   What better than to start the year with a dreamy Polaroid from my vintage SX-70!  Join the fun here!

Resolution 1/12

What are you finding to keep you motivated through the year?


patty said...

Oh, I was excited to see you pop up in my reader!! Yea for photo projects! I am taking Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class.... a whole year of inspiration!!

K8 said...

Well hello there! Good to see you back! I hear you on the motivation for the blog though - lol! I struggle too.. i signed up for the film Flickr pool as well - I have yet to take a film picture...but will one day. :)

Sunny Carvalho said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your necklace. I so appreciate your taking the time to come to my blog and tell me! I hope you've recovered from Artfest. It took me a while! LOL I hope to hear from you again soon! xoxo